Mailbox Installation and Repairs


Does your mailbox look like this? Is it an eye-soar? Are you tired of missing your mail? We can repair and replace your mailbox to the any standard that you dreamed. Whose got mail? You’ve got mail when you work with Sum Bridges.

Approximate Pricing
$175-$295 for an average mailbox install

Please Note: Additional charges may apply as most jobs are not exactly the same and can not be quoted the same



“Can I select my own mailbox type?” - Yes you can. Please always consult with us to make sure it is the best fit first.

“Will you provide the mailbox?” - Yes, we will provide a mailbox if you choose to not do so yourself. We will always consult with you first.

“How long does installation take?” - Most installations are done in about 2 hours. Times may vary depending on specific situations.

“Can you install with concrete?” Please see the link below for specific details about solid solutions for installations. You can find everything plus more there. Mailboxes | Road Commission for Oakland County (