Shower Door Installs

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Basic Shower Door Installation:

Basic Shower Doors are typically installed over an existing fiberglass tub and are usually a Delta or Glacier Bay


Mid-Grade Shower Door Installation:

Mid-Grade shower door are installed in full shower openings and are wrapped with a full frame.


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Mid Grade Advancved Shower Door Installation:

Mid-Grade Advanced Shower doors are full size doors with little to no frame.  These doors typically are installed over tile and take more precision than the more basic doors


Advanced Shower Door Installlation:

Advanced Shower Doors are typically frameless, full glass doors, with either a swinging or sliding door and minimum of one 90 degree glass corner.  These doors take the highest level of accuracy and time.


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What’s The Big Deal?

A shower door is an item many customers can overlook during the renovation process.  A shower door seems small in the grand scheme of things but can be the difference between whether you like your bathroom or LOVE your bathroom.  At Sum bridges, our goal is to ensure you love your bathroom by making the process as easy as possible.  Our team will help to not only pick a door that best fits the space but also installs them quick and easy and with little to no hassle.  We pride ourselves in our work and complete the job in a timely manner and to the customers satisfaction.